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Wedding Officiant in Ocean City

For the most memorable wedding ceremony in Ocean City, hire the officiant that’s one of a kind!

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Making the Right Choice

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make about your wedding day is who the officiant will be. You have many choices in Ocean City, but not all of them will make your wedding day as special as you want it to be. Choosing the right person to marry you and your significant other can set the tone for your entire ceremony. You want someone who is both personable and easy-going; someone who will take the time to learn about you and your partner personally.

Meet Dave.

Meet Dr. Dave Turner. As an ordained minister, Dave’s mission is to make your wedding day more than special. By customizing each ceremony to the individual bride and groom, Dave ensure no two weddings he ordains are exactly alike. Make sure your wedding day has this level of personal touch only Dave can provide!

Wedding Officiant in Ocean City

Dr. Dave is the only choice of Minister in Ocean City to eternally join you and your partner in marriage. That is, if you want a ceremony that it truly one of a kind! Visit One Love Weddings to learn more about Dave or give him a call at 609-519-0290. He’s always available to chat and learn more about you and your vision for your most special day.

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